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Vangjush Vellahu, Fragments I

Vangjush Vellahu, Fragments I
Hestia gallery, situated in the center of the old part of Belgrade, is the contemporary art gallery that also functions as a residency space for artists. The exhibition Fragments I, curated by independent curator Maja Ciric was opened in Hestia gallery on the 15th of December (and will be open till 24th of February) presents a six-channel video installation by Vangjush Vellahu
Vellahu is born in Pogradec in Albania, and today he lives and works in Berlin. Since 2014 he is part of a local group of emerging young artists – Nucleu 0000 in Buchar…

Selma Selman, Viva la Vida

Selma Selman, Viva la Vida
November Gallery is presenting the first Belgrade solo exhibition of Selma Selman, a young Bosnian-Herzegovinian artist, activist and philanthropist of Roma origin who currently lives and works in New York. Her artwork is recognized on the international art scene - she was performing on festivals in Berlin, Luxembourg, New York, and exhibiting in Sweden, Canada, Hungary and Germany, Austria, USA, and Italy.
She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2014 from Banja Luka University’s Department of Painting, where she studied under the supervision o…